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Clearing the


One Space

at a Time.

Come join me on my journey to creating my own clutter free home. I will share organizing tips, tutorial videos and product recommendations. 

Hi! I'm Hollie, And I'm Ready to Help YOU Create a Clutter Free Home. 

I truly believe that when your environment is clean its easier to  feel happy, motivated and healthy. I know I feel my best when my home is clutter free and organized. It really does bring peace of mind.  If you feel like your home is not organized right now, that's ok!  I will help you!


Imagine for a second what it would feel like though to have your entire home decluttered and every closet, cabinet, shelf, etc... organized.  Really picture what that would look like for you. Then notice how that makes you feel. Do you feel peace and a weight  lifted off your shoulders?! Thats exactly how I feel when I picture the transformation of an organized space.


I want to help you create that feeling in your home. I will help you one space at a time clear the clutter and make room in your homes and hearts for what's most important. 


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